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National regulation of space activities - Analysis of the international legal environment and the practice of the ESA Member State

In the study, we seek to answer the question of what is the task and role of states in the creation of a prosperous national space market that encourages commercial space activities but takes the interests of the state into account. The subject of the study is, in a narrower sense, the regulation of space activities at the national level, which is one of the most dynamically developing areas of space law. The aim of the study is to present the international legal environment related to national space law and to identify best practices for Hungary based on the practice of the seventeen ESA Member States that have adopted national regulations. The author argues that the adoption of national rules (licensing, supervision, registration) concerning commercial space activities under Hungarian jurisdiction, in not only international legal requirement, but justified by many other arguments.


Ongoing projects 


Writing a textbook entitled Space Law for higher education

There is currently an extremely modest number of legal publications available in Hungary regarding space law, at least as far as the results of the modern age are concerned. A textbook on space law has not been written in Hungarian language so far, the only monograph is written by Gyula Gál (in 1964). That is why our goal is to write a comprehensive textbook that covers all relevant issues of the modern space age, which is understandable, but still scientifically demanding. Writing of the textbook has begun and is expected to be published in the first quarter of 2022.

Name and reg. number of the project: KKM/48501/2020/ reg. number, title: „Űrügyi együttműködés és gazdaságelemzői kutatás a magyarországi épülő űripari ökoszisztéma fejlesztésért” project

Organization of an international space law conference

As the contact point of the European Center for space law (ECSL) in Hungary, the University of Public Service will organize an international space law conference in the spring of 2022 with the involvement of several foreign and domestic partners. In addition to the conference, we emphasize the involvement of students and the deepening of inter-institutional relations.