A Hungarian chair was elected by the EUTELSAT IGO Advisory Committee

EUTELSAT was set up in 1977 by 17 members of the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT). The main objective of EUTELSAT was the design, development, construction, establishment, operation and maintenance of the space segment of an European telecommunications satellite systems. Hungary joined the Organization on October 21, 1993, and has been represented by the National Media and Communications Authority since 2014.

With the liberalization of the satellite sector, the organization was privatized in 2001: the assets, liabilities and operational activities of EUTELSAT were transferred to a company set up under the name Eutelsat S.A. The structure, role and activities of the remaining EUTELSAT intergovernmental organization have changed. The main objective of EUTELSAT IGO is to ensure and monitor that Eutelsat S.A. complies with its universal service obligations, pan-European satellite system coverage, non-discrimination and fair competition (the Principles); and may use the radio frequencies assigned to EUTELSAT IGO for these purposes. As a result, the number of EUTELSAT IGO member states has more than doubled (currently has 48 member states), while Eutelsat S.A.’s satellite fleet can cover about two-thirds of the World’s population.

The main body of the organization is the General Assembly of member states. The representative of the organization is the executive secretary, who is elected by the General Assembly for 4 years. The General Assembly established an Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives of 8 Member States elected by the General Assembly.

The 42nd General Assembly held in March 2021 elected a new Advisory Committee with only 7 members, the Azerbaijani, French, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish and Bulgarian members will assist the executive secretary until the next General Assembly meeting. The Advisory Board shall elect its chair from among its members at its first meeting after the general meeting.

At the first meeting of the Advisory Committee on May 11, 2021, which due to the pandemic was held virtually, the members elected the representative of Hungary, dr. Diana Daczi, who now fills this post for the second time. She has been representing Hungary in the organization since 2016, has been a member of the Advisory Committee since 2017, and the chair of the committee since 2020.

At the first meeting, the Advisory Committee defined the workprogram and schedule until the next General Assembly meeting.


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