The launch of "Outer Space and Social Sciences" Research Group

New Research Group at UPS

The use and exploration of outer space is now one of the most dynamically developing areas, the results of which are becoming part of our everyday lives. While natural science research related to space has been at a high level in Hungary for a long time, legal and other social sciences have hardly been discussed with scientific needs in relation of space exploration.

However, at the dawn of the new space age the problems and uncertainty surrounding the questions of space mining, space traffic management, space debris, etc. need clear legal, regulatory answers. Moreover, Hungary prepares to significantly develop its space capabilities in this decade. 

In view of the above, the University of Public Service of Hungary has decided to take the initiative and adress legal, security and sociologial issues. The task of the recently established research goup are threefold: 

  1. bringing together the leading researchers and experts of the Hungarian scientific life with the aim of researching space law and space policy.
  2. promote the education of future practitioners and researchers through curriculum development;
  3. involve the university, in cooperation with other Hungarian and foreign universities, in the international scientific cooperation through joint researches and conferences.



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